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We know that you want the best for your dog, they’re part of the family and your best friend and you want to make sure they are happy and healthy. You can rest assured that your pup is in great hands. Your pup will enjoy a fun and safe doggie paradise. At The Wille’s, your dog’s safety and wellbeing is our first and foremost priority.

Wille's dog cafe

Wille’s Dog Cafe 

The place where dog lovers and coffee addicts can meet. Meet not only a new person but also your new friend. It is a friendly space for dogs, puppies, dog owners, cafe lovers. We create a unique atmosphere that includes all of the things which make your dog happier. Whether you’re looking for a quick stop or a place to hang out with your dog all day — we’ve got you covered. When the weather is warm, seat yourself on our patio and enjoy the sunshine with your pup.

CUte pg - Wille's Pet Paradise

Wille’s DOg Boarding

At Wille’s your dog will receive the attention and care that he needs. When you are away from home, you want to make sure that your pooch wants for nothing, and that is exactly what we offer at Wille’s Pet Paradise. It doesn’t matter if it’s just for one evening or a couple of weeks, your dog will be feeling relaxed and well looked after while he stays with us.

Dog grooming- willes pet paradise

Willes’s Dog Grooming and spa

If you love a fresh professional haircut and manicure feeling, we promise your dog will do so too! Making your pooch sit still when you’re trying to bathe or cut its hair can be frustrating. At The Willes, we provide dog grooming services so that you can both trust in the knowledge that your dog is getting spa-like care with the experts.

Dog' s pool

Wille’s Dog Park And Pool 

Imagine if your dog could be at any place you want him to be! Imagine if your dog was at a real park where he can run freely, make new friends, and swim in the pool! Welcome to Wille’s – the best dog park for your furry friend. Let them enjoy the fun and the pool for a day. You probably always dream of taking care of your pet personally but work just got in the way.

Dog Boarding service-Wille's Pet Paradise

Wille’s Dog Club

Wille’s dog club membership is a program for busy dog owners that want to teach their dogs better social behavior, make friends, have supervised playtime for their dogs and have a nice social environment for them. Are you the owner of a fantastic dog and dream about being with your best friend no matter you are at home or at the park? Let them play and enjoy their time.

Wille's Day Care
Day care- Willes pet paradise

Wille’s Dog Day care

Dogs are animals packed and require as much attention as we do. They can get depressed and even getting a dog walker once a day can allow your dog to alleviate an hour of boredom. We provide your dog with a fun, safe, loving and clean environment to play in while you’re away. If packing walks and fun social play are what your doggy craves, then book now!

Puppy's Birthday Party

Birthday Parties And Small Events

Apart from other services we also host birthday parties. We arrange all facilities according to your requirement and we also have our own birthday party package which includes all essential entertaining elements.

Wlle's Dog Shop

Wille's Dog Shop

Wille's Dog Shop is the right address for all who are in need to buy anything that required for a pooch. We are committed to providing our customers with absolute satisfaction with high-quality dog accessories and pet supplies. From food to training assistance, you are sure to find what's best for your dog at Wille's.


Puppy image- willes pet paradise

Wille's Dog Kennel

Dog kennels are the need of all dog owners who have to leave their pets for a long time. Kennels are comfortable areas where dogs can enjoy their stay and remain protected from weather elements and predators. Wille's Dog Kennels is your first choice for kennels.

Pet Requirements

must have current license and ID tags

We want to keep your furries safe with us, and that requires us to be able to properly identify their respecitve owners without any margin of error.

Must be at least 1 years old

Our paradise has dogs of every size and type, hence it is better to bring dogs that are over a certain age.

Must be Human Friendly

Your dogs must be able to be with other humans, and other dogs. Dogs that are hostile can be dangerous for both.

Must not be aggressive towards smaller breeds

Certain dogs are very aggressive towards smaller breeds of dogs, and we doesn’t want that. 

We believe that pets are part of our Indian families as they bring many positive health benefits to their owners. Pet owners increasingly need a high-quality platform, other than just dog parks, to spend quality time with their dogs. Wanting to be social is deeply instinctual for dogs; that’s why we integrate open play with others into their daily routine. Regular playtime with other dogs has numerous benefits, including:

  • Being more comfortable around dogs and people
  • Staying physically fit.
  • Pet obesity is a growing concern; according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, more than 50 percent of dogs are obese
  • Learning positive behaviour, leading to less doggie mischief at home
  • Finding their BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever)

  • As most pet owners know, it is a pain to not be able to take your pet everywhere in the city! Most of us live a very busy life, juggling work, housework, and social life. We often run into situations where we want to bring our dog or adventurous cat to hang out with friends, but get turned away by the “no pets allowed” policy in most indoor places. For dog owners who already work full-time, it’s always heartbreaking to have to leave their dogs at home.

    That’s why we wanted to provide a pet-friendly cafe environment where you can do all the things you want with your pet, meeting friends, working on your laptop, studying, reading, or just simply getting out of the house for a change!

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